The Vision - A Unique Country Real Estate Investment

Gates Ranch is unique because our carefully crafted vision and protective deed covenants establish a high standard of quality and a common commitment to land conservation.

Families who choose Gates Ranch will build fine country homes that look as though they have always been there. Because Gates Ranch will be a deed-restricted community, these families can be assured that they will be surrounded by property owners who share the same vision for quality and conservation. The individual homesteads have been carefully planned to emphasize the natural beauty of each property and to establish privacy. Each farm will have its own discrete entrance.

Combined with The Ranches of Doe Run, an adjacent community of 2,000 acres, Gates Ranch becomes part of a 3,500- acre enclave of quality land development in an area of Texas where most of the land is virtually uncontrolled. Just as River Oaks, Broadacres and other master-planned and protected residential communities in Houston have flourished and increased in value, we believe that 50 or even 100 years from now, Gates Ranch will remain a special place, even more beautiful than it is today.

Gates Ranch will appeal to families who appreciate what the city has to offer, yet value the opportunity to be in a totally different environment – an hour away, a world apart.