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At 142 acres, with generous, fertile, rolling meadows, that have long views out towards the Brazos, Longfield is perfect for someone who wants to raise horses or trophy livestock. Grand sycamores and oaks provide the property with great shade. The farm also has an abundance of wildlife due to the fact it possesses Gates Ranch’s famous wildlife thicket. This thicket serves as great natural protection for an abundance of deer, waterfowl, wild hogs and a variety of migratory birds. It is a perfect property for someone who desires a large ranch that will give them a world of their own just an hour outside of Houston.

Please contact Randy Hodde from Hodde Real Estate at (979) 836-8532 or Toll Free: (888) 882-1321 to schedule your own personal tour of Gates Ranch, a permanently protected 1,500 acre community of family farms.

For a personal tour, please contact:
Randy Hodde
P: (979) 836-8532
Toll Free: (888) 882-1321